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Working as a journalist/interviewer for over 20 years I've learnt a lot about the craft of making words resonate and how to deliver them so they do.

If words are delivered with a hefty dose of creativity they will connect with audiences much more deeply and be remembered long after they are first spoken; it's this insight, through attending many workshops and talks myself, that led to the birth of Big Juicy Speaking.

While I am professionally trained by established organisations in delivering workshops and talks, I take the fundamentals from these teachings and best practice and add a big dose of creativity and imagination.


Sometimes this can include full-on costumes and props, if appropriate for the client and culture (see the page on performances for an idea of what this looks like, the main pic is fictitious, formidable character Edna Attenborough presenting the content in the form of a mockumentary). At other times the creativity will be more in the structure or format to bring the content to life.


One thing's for sure about Big Juicy Creative deliveries: there's nothing bog-standard about them!

Big Juicy Creative provides 3 main speaking services: facilitation, motivational speaking and a podcast (soon!).

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Professionally trained in workshop facilitation, Big Juicy Creative specialises in adding a creative twist to delivery, so its content and message sticks. One way it does this is through creative tools and techniques, another is through its trademark personal and engaging facilitation style. 

Big Juicy Creative has delivered highly effective workshops for a range of different clients on an array of topics from emotional intelligence to stress management to creative brainstorming.


Clients have included consumer brands like Wilderness Scotland, PR and marketing agencies, editorial teams, networking groups, NCT groups, trade bodies and GP practices. 

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Case Study 

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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking 

Similar to its approach to workshops, Big Juicy Creative specialises in adding a creative twist to delivery of presentations and 'speeches' so the words inspire audiences long after the event. 

And these words can be about all manner of subjects, from complex business topics delivered in a creative, accessible way, to highly personal subjects, such as my experience of postnatal depression. 

Rather than PowerPoint, I far prefer to employ my own set of creative tricks and tools to engage an audience which have included music, dance, rapping and drawings penned by her children.

Case Study 


Case Study 

Case Study 


Case Study 

On Air Sign

big juicy



Big Juicy Creative is soon to launch a podcast called, err, the Big Juicy Creative Podcast!

It's going to be all about nurturing your creativity and will feature both interview episodes where I (Suzy!) interview guests, as well as shorter, playful solo podcasts about my experiences trying out the advice I've been given.

Advice I've been given by the 'podcast gurus' is that I need to be clear on my 'ideal listener' - so to find more about who this is, please click on the 'read more' below.

But, in a nutshell, my podcast mission is to make creativity as routine as brushing your teeth because it's good for you, personally and professionally. It's also a lot of fun, which is also why I'm creating this podcast.


Creativity is for, and in, us all.

Please read more below!

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