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Velvet PR

To raise self-awareness and emotional intelligence to maximise teamworking 

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Juicy Work

Case study: Velvet PR

Brief: the PR agency wanted to run a team building day to improve working relationships and self-awareness, but wanted the day out of the office to be a fun, memorable experience from which participants would leave buzzing and positive, and feeling like they had learnt something valuable about themselves and their colleagues

Delivery: a day long workshop using creative tools and use of characters to bring the different types of personality profiles to life in a lively, empathic way, which paved the way for insightful, lively group discussions.


“A brilliant journey in practical self-exploration. It brought the team closer and made them aware of their strengths and those of their colleagues and how best to work together. Even more interestingly it helped us identify our strengths as a business. Suzy delivered the day with her characteristic energy and insight and ensured we had a great experience.”

Jo Sensini,


“It was touching that you were happy to open up about your personal life during the day. I felt it really imbued a sense of sincerity to the whole activity. It was also great that you made an effort to speak to each of us and engage us in conversation. Likewise, your bubbly presentation style certainly didn’t go amiss.”


“I really enjoyed the course – it was fascinating from a psychological perspective, with the right mix of practical application to take it beyond the theory into something that’s actually immediately useful.”

Bhavna Mistry, Partner

“We left feeling empowered. Since the training, our teams have worked more closely and been more sensitive to each other. It’s too soon to tell if we’ve been more effective but it’s a smoother process getting things done. On a personal level, it gave me some pause for thought and reflection. It is also something we’ve used again since the day.”


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