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Cairngorms Business Partnership Annual Conference 



Educate and entertain conference delegates on how to maximise their social media content 

Juicy Work

To deliver a 30 minute workshop at the CBP's annual conference on how to maximise your social media strategy - the particular challenge was that CBP wanted a workshop that would be remembered by delegates who would be receiving a deluge of spoken content that day



to give the talk a clear structure and neatly divide the content up into bite-sized chunks, this was delivered in the style of a 'Top of the Pops' Top 10 countdown (if you're too young to know what Top of the Pops is/was, google it!). 


Each 'hit' had a title relevant to the social media strategy tip and was delivered with its own dodgy vinyl cover, from David Bowie to Elvis. Mindful that the audience might be tired and need motivation to participate, delegates were rewarded with holding-out-for-a-Heroes chocolate bar if they answered questions to ensure the session was interactive. 

“Suzy is a really engaging speaker, knows her stuff, and is a pleasure to work with. I do not have any hesitation in recommending her to my contacts”

Andrew Stott,

Senior Associate, Law Firm 

"Suzy was fun, engaging and knowledgable at this workshop. The dynamics were superb, people were engaged with the topic and therefore willing to get involved. A great example of active learning for grown ups!"


“I was feeling really tired that day and when I entered the room my plan was to sit at the back and zone out to relax, maybe even shut my eyes! However, Suzy instantly woke me up with her lively and humourous presentation style and I loved the 'Top 10' format. I actually spent the whole time scribbling notes which I've constantly referred to ever since! The next day at work I felt totally inspired and felt much braver posting on our social media feed!"

Conference Delegate

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