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The freelance journalism and copywriting side of the business was launched in 2004, with a specialisation in writing about, and for, creative businesses. It quickly diversified to cover a vast array of subjects and for a myriad of outlets.

Clients commission me because I'm a safe pair of hands: I am reliable, conscientious, I hit deadlines, research thoroughly, take time identifying the right interviewees, effectively build rapport with them and deliver original angles.


More than this, I'm hired because I love getting stuck into a brief and getting my head around a complex, sometimes controversial or personal, topic and making it accessible to my reader by adding colour and creativity. 


This often means I over-research briefs which is actually how Big Juicy Creative's 'performance workshops' were born!

Click on the icons at the foot of this page for examples of writing commissions. 

Big Juicy Creative offers 4 writing services:

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In 20+ years of journalism, I have written for all different types of media outlets on hugely varied topics for all types of audiences.

My writing has been featured in newspapers including The Guardian, The Times Education Supplement, The Scotsman and the Independent. I'm also a regular contributor to women's magazine Psychologies, as well as also covering psychology-related topics for business magazines like HR Magazine and People Management.


As well as this, Big Juicy Creative retains its original specialism in writing about creative businesses, featured regularly in magazines such as Campaign, The Drum, PR Week and Broadcast.

Journalism Examples

The use of Anger in Marketing

for Drum Magazine


Eco Anxiety for Psychologies  Magazine


Myrtle  Simpson, Explorer for

Sportswoman Magazine

"At Campaign we turn to Suzy when we want to get under the skin of a subject.  What we like about her - aside from her fantastic writing - is her versatility.  Recently, she's turned her hand to everything from Artificial Intelligence to innovative working practices at ad agencies.  We've started to also publish 'deep dive' pieces that focus on a specific subject and are designed to have long-term appeal.  Suzy wrote one for us on sports marketing and it's gone on to be one of our most successful pieces of content in terms of views and shares this year. She is upbeat, effervescent and fun and also professional, thorough and hard-working. A great person to work with."

Gemma Charles,

deputy editor, Campaign magazine

Keyboard and Mouse

Copy Writing

In 20+ years of copywriting, I have written for a vast range of brands across different sectors, using varying channels such as press releases, thought leaders, social media posts and customer magazines. 

My ability to get under the skin, and tone, of a brand quickly enables me to write for very different brands but I retain a specialism in writing about mental health and wellbeing related brands/subjects, as well as creative brands/brand in the creative sector. For instance, I've worked on copywriting campaigns for the Mental Health Foundation, the Stress Management Society, the Advertising Standards Authority and various marketing agencies.


In addition to corporate copywriting, I also have experience writing for children, teenagers and teachers. For example, writing lesson plans for environmental educational platform The Pod. Additionally, on the back of my experience as content editor for VisitCairngorms, I am often commissioned to write SEO driven content for property brands.

As well as copywriting, copywriting commissions often include using content management systems, scheduling social media posts and uses tools such as Canva and Mailchimp.

Copy Writing
""Suzy worked with us for several years writing copy for our diverse audience, which includes students, consumers, journalists, decision-makers, opinion-formers and pressure groups.   She was able to grasp ideas immediately, engage these varying groups, writing clearly yet colourfully. She is extremely adaptable and flexible in terms of what you can ask her to write; whether she is asked to conduct an interview, produce an investigative piece or reproduce specialist information into a more consumer-friendly format, Suzy has always produced clear, concise and informative material that needs very little editing. And she always hits her deadlines."
Advertising Standards Authority 


Internal Communications

Internal communications have grown in importance over the course of my career and are a key part of my part-time job remit at VisitCairngorms and includes email marketing to member businesses, as well as blogs, vlogs and workshop facilitation. 

Freelance internal communications clients include Travis Perkins, PHD Media Agency and Disability Snowsports UK.

Iternal Comms
"Suzy has supported the creation of our quarterly in-house magazine for two years and creates fantastically engaging articles, even about subjects she knows little about! She fully understands our diverse audience and always delivers. A pleasure to work with."

David Manning

then group internal communications manager, Travis Perkins



Blogs have also become an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for many brands. Writing these for clients often involves a chat with a CEO on the run who is too busy or not confident enough in his/her writing skills to write a blog. 

Often, too, blogging briefs include managing the content management system, SEO, publishing content and supporting blog content with appropriate social media. As a content marketer at VisitCairngorms, where I work part-time, writing and promoting blogs is a key part of the role.

My own blog, which you can read here, focuses on creativity at work.

“Suzy is one of the most thorough and conscientious people you'll ever meet. If I give her work, I am always confident that she will go the extra mile to make it the best it can be, and her work is always engaging, original and entertaining.”

Client at marketing agency

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