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Deliver a performance workshop to educate, but also entertain, the audience on how to manage their ecoanxiety, especially how to move from anxiety to positive action

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Juicy Work
Creative Process

The inspiration for this performance workshop arose from significant research undertaken for a writing commission for Psychologies magazine on the growing condition of 'ecoanxiety'. 

While researching, Suzy saw potential to turn this complex, important and confusing topic into a show. Why? Because shows work particularly well for controversial subjects, where opinions tend to be different and, often, polarised, and there can be a lack of understanding between parties.

By creating a 'mockumentary' style show we were able to voice the different opinions in a non-threatening, humorous fashion, which enabled the audience to be receptive to all viewpoints, building empathy and understanding. This paved the way for a positive, empathetic post-show discussion. 

Particular thanks must be given to Caroline Hickman, a psychotherapist with a specialist interest in climate change and executive committee member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, who gave a particularly long, in-depth, fascinating interview. When she spoke, Suzy could literally see some of her characters leap to life from her page to the stage!


As a live one-hour show in the style of a 'mockumentary' presented by Edna Attenborough, David Attenborough's long lost sister. It followed the journeys of various characters in different states of ecoanxiety from Chardonnay the footballer's wife to ecowarrier Green Mamma. The show included elaborate costumes as well as pre-recorded video branded footage to give the feel of a 'real' documentary and bring the topic to live through creative design as well as characterisation.


Client Testimonials:
“It was such a funny yet powerful experience. Suzy took an extremely serious and challenging topic and created a range of characters who each looked at climate change from very different angles - the use of comedy was very clever and helpful. Suzy was able to deliver the whole creative process herself from writing the script to bringing it to life - in all my experience as a trainer, I have never seen such a range of skills and they really helped to drive the key messages home. Suzy is unique in that she is both extremely interested in other people and also very interesting. She has so much to share and always gives her all”

- Judith Thurlow 

Property Entrepreneur & Former Trainer

“Suzy easily slipped into characters that we could all relate to, which really made light of a situation we sometimes feel is out of our control. A creative genius with lots of empathy and a very diplomatic way of discussing hot topics”

- Erin McBean,

Manager, Property Business

“Suzy’s show was a great light hearted way of looking at a serious subject. She really pulled the audience into her characters, each looking at the environmental challenges we face from a different perspective and dealing with different associated anxieties. This approach encouraged the group to open up and discuss the challenges, anxieties and possible solutions. I highly recommend it to any business or group wanting to create engagement and discussion on the topic”

- Polly Middleton

 Business Leader, Global Healthcare Company 

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