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Wilderness Scotland



To help employees manage & understand their stress and other people’s

Juicy Work


Full day workshop featuring self-awareness exercises and other interactive elements, as well as more ‘physical’ elements. For example, dancing to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’ in the break (did you know there is a stress-related, physiological reason why animals shake immediately after they have been chased by predators?!)

All company employees attended and filled out a feedback form, with many praising the energy, fun, unusual approach, openness and honesty of delivery. The group particularly enjoyed learning about themselves and each other in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere.


Client Testimonials:

“I was comfortable with what could have been a difficult environment and inspired to share my own story with my colleagues. Something I didn’t think I would do.”
“Energetic and fun and different to what I expected”
“It challenged my thoughts on stress and helped me understand others better”
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