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  • Suzy Bashford

Up your energy & productivity with Kelly Pietrangeli, founder of ProjectMe, on the podcast

Kelly Pietrangeli is founder of ProjectMe for busy mothers – she is the productivity queen and helps women all over the world find their focus and fun. She’s worked as a graphic designer, written a book, does talks and recently launched the ProjectMe podcast too.

We had such a fun chat which turned into quite a few revelations for us both. Here are some of my favourite quotes, but do please tune into the Big Juicy Creative podcast, wherever you listen to your podcasts, for the full conversation.

Kelly quotes:

"Creativity means letting go of should. Of conditioning. Of all the things we think we should be doing, and surrendering and letting go of perfectionism."

"Creativity unleashes confidence."

"If I’m with people I feel a strong connection with, I can speak from the heart."

"When we are in our heads, then all of the stories and insecurities come up. What if people hate this? and what if I’m a loser? all that stuff. You lose the essence of why you wanted to do this in the first place and you come up with other ways to busy yourself and you don’t ending up doing it. So good for you for overcoming that."

"Journalling is my favourite outlet. You inner voice has a chance to come through and give you a good talking to and it’s so wise. It has so much to tell you. It comes from your heart and will override your head."

"Some use a journal app and that’s fine, if that works for you. For me, no, it has to be pen and paper. That is where something unlocks in me when I do that and I feel like that’s where my inner voice, or my higher self, goes 'thank you, this is what I want you to do'. It’s amazing."

"So many problems and challenges that we live with could just be solved by writing down how you’re feeling about it articulating a little about what the challenge is and then coming up with some ideas and then wow.

"When we're in autopilot, creativity is stifled."

"Creating for creativity’s sake unleashes something in you. That’s why I call it 'unleashed creativity'. Something shifts in you. It doesn’t mater what you’re doing. When you start doing anything creative at all, something becomes unleashed. Something becomes let out."

"You don’t pick up the needle and thread and think I’m going to have to be a seamstress now. Creativity isn’t like that. All you need to think about is where you are putting the needle next."

"What can we do, so women in particular, give ourselves permission to create for creativity’s sake? We need start a movement and that is what you’re doing with this podcast right here."

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