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  • Suzy Bashford

Ideas for Artist Dates

There are plenty of dates you can take yourself on. Even in lockdown. Here's some I've done personally.

· Wander around a museum following your curiosity

· Buy your favourite wine/drink and food, then take yourself off in your car or campervan just a short walk from your house. Sit there with your journal, playing your favourite tunes, enjoying your treats. Walk home. I’ve done this numerous times. My longest stint was 6 hours.

· Go out to a restaurant and just order pudding (OK - not actually done yet but would love to)

· Take yourself off for a day long walk just on your own. Wear a ball dress if it takes your fancy

· Wander around your neighbour taking paths or roads you’ve never taken before

· Get up early and watch the sunset with a hot drink

· Paint in the rain and go with what it does to your painting

· Write a letter to someone you’ve lost touch with and miss

· Try something new in the comfort of your home with YouTube – like t’ai chi or belly dancing

· Draw a self portrait or take an arty selfie

· Write a vision of what you hope your life looks like in 10 years time

· Go to a comedy club – especially good if you are alone

· Do a boudoir shoot

· Spend time with a poet

· Dance on your own; if not in a club then even around your kitchen counts (my favourite is Sara Cox's half wow-er)

· Stay in a youth hostel even if you’re 43

· Go back to the first pub you ever managed to get in and have a legal drink there

· Go for a walk talking to yourself for at least 7.5 minutes

· Book your village hall and do a talk on something that is important to you

· Imagine and create the superhero you would be if you had superpowers (complete with name, skills, outfit...)

· Ask someone you've recently met, that you like, to go on a playdate with you (yes, technically artists dates 'should' be solo but the first rule of creativity is there are no rules)

· Crash a wedding

· Do a physical challenge that really pushes your body beyond what you thought you could do - like a triathlon for me

· Write your memoir

· Start a blog or podcast – tell the world what you think

There are loads of other ideas here.

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