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  • Suzy Bashford

Dreading this coming Covid Winter? Don't! Big Juicy Creative Podcast has your back with new series

November is a difficult month at the best of times, regularly ranking highly in Google’s ‘misery index’, let alone during a global pandemic.

The way you approach winter psychologically is proven to determine whether you thrive, or just survive, through it. Being used to more coldness and darkness than most in the UK, I'm surrounded by people where I live in the Cairngorms, in the Scottish Highlands who love winter and know how to thrive through it.

That's why I'm doing a daily podcast series kicking off on November 1st and running for at least 2 weeks. The hope is that this will give us all a collective lift to our spirits at this really tricky time when many people's mental wellbeing is being challenged.

The series, broadcast on the Big Juicy Creative podcast, will feature a raft of inspiring Cairngorms experts who will give practical tips on thriving in winter. Podcasts are short at about 15 minutes each.

The experts who have already contributed are:

Three-times winter Olympian and nature-lover Lesley McKenna

Wildlife guide and National Park ranger Duncan Macdonald

Solo channel swimmer and founder of wild swimming adventure company SwimWild Alice Goodridge

TV presenter, author & campaigner to ‘Protect our Winters’ Lauren MacCallum

Lecturer in early years and outdoor education Emma Sinclair

Beachbody exercise teamleader Louize Macklin 

Whisky lover, blogger and reporter Federica Stefani (27 and Italian & living in the highlands)

Outdoor therapist Shona Macpherson

Photographer Catriona Parmenter

Fish biologist &  river expert who regularly appears on BBC Winterwatch Chris Conroy

Anaesthetist & amateur athlete Tash Pirie-Burley

Hypnotherapist Shaeron Gordon (who has recorded a free winter relaxation visualisation)

Amateur astronomer who recently was in the news for capturing a landmark moment Paul Haworth

Lifecoach famous of helping you get away from ‘compare and despair’ Lucy Sheridan (who originally inspired this series idea when she came on the Big Juicy Creative podcast – episode 8 - she's based in the Peak District but included as she inspired series)

As well as filling the nation’s ears with helpful creative reframes of winter, you can get your hands on a free fridge poster from this website from November 1st, to constantly remind you of these mindset reframes. There’s a family friendly version and an adults-only naughtier version.

I'll also being posting loads of 'wintspiration' on social media too!

So, get involved, don't be a Gloomy Glenda and boost your winter wellbeing.

Instagram: @bigjuicycreativeliving

Facebook: @bigjuicycreativeliving

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