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What is this 'big juicy creative' blog about?

Updated: May 26, 2020

This blog is all about creativity.

What do you think of, when you hear the word ‘creativity’?

If I was a gambling woman, I’d bet you’re now thinking of someone painting, drawing, writing, acting, etc.

But it does creativity a massive disservice to think living a creative life is just about these conventional expressions of it, that we package under the label of ‘the arts’.

Creativity includes the arts, of course, because these are about individuals creating unique, new things. But creativity is also about thinking differently; seeing the ‘normal’ neuropathways you go down, that society / culture / parents / peers direct you down and actively choosing to take another path, even if it’s a barely trodden goat-track that just feels right to you.

Defined like that and creativity suddenly becomes more vast and accessible to all. And it is. Creativity is everyone’s birth right. Whether they choose to exercise that right or not is another matter.

The best definition of creative living that I’ve ever come across, which is why it inspired the name of this website, is Anne Lamotte’s. It comes from her book on writing, Bird by Bird, which I’m finally getting round to reading, because of lockdown, in its entirety.

It’s this one:

I named my website big juicy creative because then it serves as a constant reminder to live creatively; of why I am doing this and what I’m hoping to get out of it.

Partly thanks to this quote I’ve already written a memoir and I often go swimming in (cold) Scottish lochs and I love the importance she attaches to imagination and silliness; both portals to creativity.

I know in business ‘gurus’ are constantly banging on about KPIs and setting objectives and ROI goals but – if I’m really honest – my major motivation for BJC is to encourage and help myself, and others, live as big, juicy and creative as possible.

Obviously if I was writing a business plan for investment I wouldn’t phrase it quite like that, and I’d put numbers and KPIs around those objectives to make them sound more corporate; I'd translate into finance-speak that adding creativity to the commercials produces a better ROI. But that’s the truth behind this blog and business.

So, when I’m writing this blog I’m going to be imagining someone who perhaps ticks one of these boxes:

  • Works in a creative career

  • Wants supporting carving out and prioritising a creative practice

  • Wants creative inspiration on how to be more creative

  • Is looking for practical tips for encouraging nurturing creativity

  • Wants to connect with likeminds and have fun in the process

If you recognise yourself in that description...

...then please subscribe to this blog and introduce yourself in the comments, or contact me directly. You never know which neuropathway that new connection could lead you down.

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