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  • Suzy Bashford

Big Juicy Creative podcast with actor Jennifer Blaine

Jennifer Blaine, an actor, comedian, playwright and coach, appears on episode 4 of the Big Juicy Creative podcast.

Here are some of my favourite quotes of Jennifer's:

"What is so extraordinary about having a creative practice is it helps me find myself and listen and channel things through me. Some of them feel personal to me and others are escaping nto a character. However, mining creativity we are getting into some really deep truths."

"Creating like no-one is watching; I think that is my favourite thing about creativity."

"Our creativity will make our energy rise. Just having people that have their aliveness changes the world."

"We’re all creative. We can channel it through the arts. But, really, the point is that creativity makes our energy rise. Gives us aliveness. Just having people with aliveness changes the world."

"Who are you becoming today?"

"I could have a bad day with the creative process – but it still informs so many conversations I have. There’s a way in which I’m more rooted in myself."

"It's so juicy, and it’s in the name of your podcast, for a reason...When we’re having a flat existence, we’re generally sitting on some feeling, some disappointments, some sadness, loss... and the thing about the creative process is it really amplifies those things, so we can move through them. Sometimes saying 'I feel sad angry scared' is enough and sometimes putting on a song and singing through it is the way we really honour the feeling. When we’re honouring our feelings fully we’re getting access to our whole selves that’s when things are juicy again, that's when we’re actually in flow with ourselves again and when we’ve got our heart open and we’re able to be touched by people around us and know that they matter and we matter and life becomes so much more rich."

"I love multi character shows because it’s so much fun to take on different voices and different perspectives but that plurality of voices in in all of us. We all have at least 50 in there!"

"Creativity amplifies feelings so we can move through them. When we honour our feelings we’re getting access to our whole selves and we have our heart open. That’s when life becomes so much more rich, juicy and in flow."

"Gratitude and happiness and direction and sense of self and a sense of purpose – is ever more precious than ever... It’s like our fuel to correct and get back to a world where we're really honoring ourselves and each other."

"When I’m using my voice, even about something very painful and disappointing, I get energy from that. And sometimes that’s what creativity does; gives you fuel to keep going. Or to have faith when we’re hopeless."

"What’s true for you now? That’s what you want to honour. And when we honour what’s true for each person in a family, we’re having a lived creative experience of the family becoming what it’s going to be – allowing each to evolve every day – not following one person’s vision."

"Honouring yourself is ultimately the most important thing in life. That’s where our creativity really is. We can do something because someone else wants us to but, unless it’s a ‘yes’ for ourselves too, it’s not going to give us energy."

"How can we get our energy aligning so we can spark each other’s creativity?"

"Creative family living: What's true for me now is what we want to honour. That's the best thing about a family; when we’re honouring our yeses and nos, that’s when we’re having a life a lived creative experiece of the family becoming what it’s going to be – not one person’s vision. It's allowing people to evolve everyday."

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