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Deliver a performance workshop  help the audience discuss and deal with ‘comparisonitis’; the toxic modern tendency to compare ourselves unfavourably to others, fuelled by social media 

Mixed Media Design
Juicy Work
Creative Process

The inspiration for this performance workshop arose from significant research undertaken for a writing commission for Psychologies magazine on self-worth. This involved a course of coaching with the UK’s leading ‘comparison coach’ Lucy Sheridan who helps people go from ‘compare and despair’ to #comparisonfree. 

By creating show mimicking an Attenborough documentary about a new ‘green disease’ we were able to show different characters suffering from comparisonitis in different ways. Using humour in this way, paved the way for a positive, empathetic post-show discussion. 


As a live one-hour show in the style of a 'mockumentary' presented by Edna Attenborough, David Attenborough's long lost sister. It followed the journeys of various characters in different states of comparisonitis from Chardonnay the footballer's wife to rapper 50 Pence. 


Client Testimonial:

"I'm always comparing myself to other people, especially at work, and it does me no favours. I just end up losing confidence, as well as wasting time! This really helped me laugh at myself as I saw myself in some of the characters and it gave me tools for how to deal with comparisonitis, so it doesn't get in the way of my life, when it next rears its ugly head."

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