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Inspire and motivate women working in media to think differently and more positively about how feminine traits can be a benefit in leadership roles.


Bloom was hosting a panel on 'myth busting' in a series on 'achieving your potential' and commissioned Suzy to do a talk busting myths around female leadership 


Via a 30 min talk taking characteristics that are often applied to women in the workplace in a negative way and turning them around so they are transformed into superpowers. For instance, 'Gossip Girl' sounds like a negative stereotype but, in this talk, Suzy showed how to take the natural female trait of being interested in others and turn it into a force for good at work. Each characteristic was depicted by a 'super heroine' drawn by Suzy's sons on a large piece of paper, which were passed around the audience with much hilarity.

"Suzy is one of the most engaging and motivating speakers I've met in years. Her style is interactive and personal to the point of being brilliantly disarming. She shares very personal stories that help you look deeper into yourself. Her presentation (large format drawings) make the whole process human and we loved the fact she got her kids to help with these!  It's a bit like a live version of the Cannes winning 'Dumb ways to die' - a serious message, delivered in an engaging, human and fun way.  She truly is a wonder woman!"

Emily Samways

then VP, Bloom

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